Dr. Florian Wilken

University of Augsburg

Florian Wilken is post-doctoral researcher working in the field of soil degradation dynamics of tropical agroecosystems. Florian’s focus is to understand the impact of soil erosion by tillage and rainfall on food security in tropical Africa. Florian expertise covers a broad skillset ranging from fallout radionuclide tracer analysis, to spaceborne remote and UAV based proximal sensing and spatially distributed modelling. Florian recently demonstrated the applicability of 239+240 Plutonium as a soil redistribution tracer in western Uganda and eastern DR Congo. Florian has great teaching experience and trained and supervised several African technicians and graduate level students on the ground to conduct a continuous UAV soil erosion monitoring over two years that provides unprecedented insight on event-based soil loss events in Uganda and DR Congo. Furthermore, Florian co-organised the initiation of the first UAV training centre in DR Congo, that is successfully continued by the local University in Bukavu (UCB). For the summer school, Florian is the leader of our remote and proximal sensing Workshop III.

Contact Info

Email : florian.wilken@geo.uni-augsburg.de