Dr. Joseph Okello


Joseph Okello is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (FAES) of Mountains of the Moon University, Fort Portal, Uganda.  He has a wide array of experience in teaching, research and community engagement. Joseph’s research covers soil science, terrestrial biogeochemical processes, greenhouse gas fluxes, climate change and integrated soil fertility management. In these research areas, Joseph has been actively collaborating with global researchers notably in compiling global microclimate data through the Soiltemp network, and also in studying Afromontane forests carbon stock and productivity through AFrimont network. His research is inspired by the need for sustainable natural resources management for optimum agricultural productivity and biodiversity conservation amidst global changes. Joseph will support with his expertise in the region several workshops from Soil Sampling (Workshop I) to Forest Inventorization (Workshop IV).

Contact Info

Email : joseph.okello@mmu.ac.ug