Prof. Dr. Sebastiann Doetterl

Soil Resources
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Sebastian Doetterl is Professor for Soil Resources, an expert on the effects of soil erosion on carbon (C) cycling in agricultural landscapes and co-founder of the Congo Biogeochemistry Observatory. In his research, he applies a wide range of methods such as FT-IR spectroscopy, experimental work on soil C cycling and soil mineral properties, as well as the development and application of empirical models of soil (C) erosion. He has a strong understanding of the various soil development factors affecting biogeochemical cycling and C storage in soils. He has successfully worked in the Congo and Nile Basin and will share with the participants his expertise on process understanding on the differences in C cycling between forested and cultivated catchments with varying geology around Fort Portal in the Soil Sampling and Soil Classfication Workshop I. 

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