Dr. Zampela Pittaki


Zampela is a soil scientist at ICRAF Kenya and her area of expertise is soil spectroscopy. She obtained her BSc degree in Surveying Engineering and Geo-Informatics Engineering at the Cyprus University of Technology (with excellent) and completed a master’s in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geoscience at the University of Göttingen in Germany (with distinction). During her Ph.D. in Soil Physics at Aarhus University, she explored predicting soil hydraulic characteristics using new methods as soil physical properties and hydraulic behaviour is essential for understanding the fate and transport of surface-applied agrochemicals in soil. She advanced the use of visible−near-infrared spectroscopy (vis−NIRS) to predict soil properties, including soil hydraulic properties, which are usually time-consuming and expensive to measure in the field. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S., she also worked on spectral transfer models across instruments and laboratories to develop robust calibration and validation models to enable the scaling of soil spectroscopy. The summer school will profit from her experience as a co-leader of the Soil Spectroscopy Workshop II.

Contact Info

Email : Z.Pittaki@cifor-icraf.org